Lisaplex Salon Pro Kit

Lisaplex Salon Pro Kit

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Lisaplex Salon Pro Kit 475ml

  • 475ml Lisaplex BondSaver x 1
  • 475ml Lisaplex HairStructure Filler x 2
  • Application Dropper
  • Instruction Manual 

Lisaplex has two simple application methods:

1. Mixing with other products.

Lisaplex BondSaver is included when mixing the products you choose for colouring, bleaching / decolouration or using a re-construction booster like Lisap Easy Build. It’s worth knowing that unlike comparable products, Lisaplex does NOT cause the loss of one level of lift when lightening. 

LisaplexHairStructure Filler is applied as the final part of any procedure.

2. Used on its own.

Lisaplex BondSaver is used without mixing after perming or straightening procedures and on stand-alone re-construction. LisaplexHairStructure Filler is applied as the final part of any procedure.