Collection: Lisaplex Xtreme Color


This is a DIRECT colour with controllable vibrant tones that DOES NOT REQUIRE a developer / activator for application. 

Results last between 8-20 shampoos depending on hair type and condition.

  • 100% ammonia-free formula with a pH balance that's ideal for maintaining hair structure.
  • Contains in-built Lisaplex Treatment to protect, re-build and give maximum condition.
  • Best and most visible results are when applied to base level 8 upwards, but darker hair can be lifted to the desired level before application with Light Scale Bleach.
  • Apply Lisaplex Xtreme directly to dry hair using a regular brush and bowl, or freehand (always using suitable gloves).
  • Processing time is a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • After processing, rinse thoroughly in cool water.
  • Lisap Xtreme can be removed using Lisap Conditioning Colour Remover mixed either with warm water or 10 volume (3%) developer.

The 8 shades are totally inter-mixable, so you can create absolutely any colour result you want. 

  • Create solid colours.
  • Add the Pure Diamond shade to any other to lighten the result.
  • Create both soft and dramatic shading affects at the same time.