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Lisaplex Treatment

This new product is the fruit of dedicated and innovative research by the laboratories at Lisap Milano, resulting in a revolutionary protective treatment.

Combined in a single kit, Lisaplex™ protects both the interior and exterior of the hair structure. Lisaplex™ also reconstructs the internal bonds of chemically treated and damaged hair. 

Lisaplex is ideal for all clients who come to you for every sort of technical service, including colouring and bleaching. It’s also of great help to clients whose hair is in poor condition and severely lacking in structure, maybe from repeated chemical treatments.

Lisaplex represents key new technology for four types of everyday hairdressing services:

  • Bleaching / decolouration
  • Colouring
  • Re-constructing
  • Perming and straightening
Key Ingredients. Organic Protein Complex is the key constituent of Lisaplex technology. It ensures cosmetic enhancement, protection and reconstruction and also improves hair volume and thickness. Based on naturally occurring proteins, it promotes elasticity and the general health of the cuticle.

What Elements Are Excluded? Lisaplex is completely free of parabens (used as preservatives in many products), sulphates (so it provides a more delicate and environment-friendly treatment) and formaldehyde (harmful to your health).

Full applicaton instructions are included with every kit and unlike comparable products, no after-care treatment is necessary. 


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