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Lisaplex Bond Saver Lamellar Water

Lisaplex Bond Saver Lamellar Water

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Lisaplex Lamellar Water is a light, ultra-fast treatment that's suitable for all hair types and textures. In just 9 SECONDS you can create intense shine, eliminate all frizz and repair all in one application. 

The 100% vegan-friendly treatment looks like water but uses the power of lamellar particles to brilliantly penetrate the hair cuticle and repair the damaged areas of each and every hair. 

In Only 9 Seconds:

  • Protect, reconstruct and improve the volume and thickness of your hair.
  • De-tangle and smooth the hair structure, making hair extremely shiny and soft to touch.
  • Speed up blow-drying time by around 25%.
  • Reduce the damage caused by aggressive chemical treatments, environmental stress and heat styling.
  • Triple the strength of damaged hair by the replenishment of natural anti-breakage elements even in high humidity.

Easy Application

  1. After shampooing, squeeze dry the hair.
  2. Use the handy twist-open cap to apply the product throughout the hair.
  3. Massage for 9 seconds to create a delicate emulsion.
  4. Rinse out thoroughly, avoiding contact with the eyes.
  5. Style the hair.

It's not recommended to use the product on the same day as colouring the hair. 

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