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Lisaplex Hair Structure Filler

Lisaplex Hair Structure Filler

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Lisaplex Hair Structure Filler 475ml

Lisaplex internally trebles the strength of damaged hair, restoring natural anti-breakage properties. It provides protection from damage caused by styling and heated appliances. 100% free of parabens, sulphates and formaldehyde. 

Lisaplex can be applied to hair that has previously been coloured, bleached, de-coloured or permed, providing the hair structure is completely intact. When adding to colour or bleach, you simply process as normal without changing processing times or strength of developer.

Lisaplex does not affect the lifting or lightening power of colour or bleach, and, so long as the hair structure allows it, two Lisaplex treatments can be done on the same day. 

Lisaplex Hair Structure Filler is applied as the final part of any procedure.


  • Bleach & De-Colouring: Use 20ml Hair Structure Filler
  • Colouring: Use 15ml Hair Structure Filler
  • Reconstruction: Use 20ml Hair Structure Filler
  • Perming/Straightening: Use 20ml Hair Structure Filler



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