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Light Scale Bleach Toner 03 Sun Light

Light Scale Bleach Toner 03 Sun Light

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Light Scale Bleach Toner 03 Sun Light

Toner with diamond dust and hydrolysed pearls to enhance blonde hair after lightening, Light Scale Bleach Toners are ideal for hair from Level 7 upwards and for hair that's been lightened up to Level 11. Each shade can be perfectly intermixed to create controllable, personalised effects.

Processing Information

  1. Wear suitable gloves before preparing and applying Light Scale colour.
  2. Always use 10 Volume (3%) developer mixed 1:1 (for example 30g Light Scale colour +30g of developer. 
  3. Apply quickly and consistently to dry hair or to hair that has been towel-dried after lightening.
  4. Process at room temperature for between 5 and 20 minutes until the desired result is achieved. On the lightest shades 1 minute can suffice.
  5. Do not use any kind of heat source. 
  6. After processing. massage the processed colour with warm water for 1-2 minutes then rinse out thoroughly with warm water. 
  7. Use an after colour shampoo and pH balancing conditioner. 


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