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YS Park Combs
Keratin Straightening Treatment
Lisaplex Pastel Colours
 Sculture Styling Range
Lisaplex Treatment
Lisap Fashion Styling Range
Lisap Easy Absolute Permanent Colour Range
LK Permanent Colour Range
 Ultimate Straightening
 C-Gloss Temporary Colour
Splasher Colour Effects
Top Care Shampoo/Conditioner
Douscolor Quasi Colour Range
Lisaplex Filter Colours

The finest quality constantly updated and exclusively in one place for professional hairdressers

All Lisap Hair Products.
LK Permanent Colour.
Lisaplex Treatment.
Lisaplex Pastel Colours.
Lisaplex Filter Colours.
Splasher Colour Effects.
Douscolor Quasi Colour.
Easy Non-Ammonia Colour.
Easy Build [to].
 Argan Oil & Keratin Spray.
 C-Gloss Temporary Colour.
Spray Colour.
Bleach & Colour Remover.
 Ultimate Straightening.
Top Care Shampoo/Conditioner.
 Sculture Styling Range.
Lisap Fashion Styling Range.
Lisynet Hairspray.
Lisyelle Perms.
Keratin Straightening Treatment.
YS Park Combs.
YS Park Brushes.
YS Park Clips & Sprayers.
Salon Gowns & Aprons.
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