Keratin Revolution Nano-Intense Treatment
Keratin Revolution Nano-Intense Treatment
Keratin Revolution Nano-Intense Treatment

Keratin Revolution Nano-Intense Treatment

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Nano-Intense Treatment 

Protein based treatment with Keratin and Organic Acids to restore the hair fibre. This incredible treatment works to seal the hairs cuticle with smoothness and shine. This intensive treatment reduces the volume in your hair, providing amazing smoothness and making it very easy to create a sleek straight type. The treatment eradicates frizz by up to 95%. Your hair will still maintain a natural look meaning you did have the versatility to create a variety of styles from super straight through to defined smooth curls.

Our treatment contains a luxury oil matrix (Argan, Shea Butter and Coconut oil) which nourishes, moisturises and promotes an incredible healthy shine. The new age silicones which are 35% slaughter mean long lasting anti-frizz with our any undesired build up.

This treatment is effective on all hair types. Results last on average for 3 months - providing the recommended aftercare regime is used.

Directions for use:

  1. Apply the keratin treatment with a tinting brush, in 1cm sections working upwards. Apply at least 1cm from the scalp also applying the treatment below. Comb through and work the solution into your hair with your finger tips  treatment

  2. Cover the hair with a plastic cap. Process solution under a medium heat for 30 minutes. Use a Climazon or hood dryer. Alternatively, you can use a blow-dryer, covering the hair with a towel to maintain the heat for longer

  3. Rinse out 70-80% for the treatment, with cool to luke-warm water. DO NOT rinse out the entire solution. (rinse approximately 15-20 seconds)

  4. Section the hair into four parts again. Blow dry the hair straight/ smooth with a round brush. Hair should feel dry to touch – do not over-dry. PRO TIP: for the treatment to be at its most stage and ensuring that the clients hair is as smooth and straight as possible

  5. Flat iron the hair in 1cm sections at a time (up to 3-7 quick passes at a temperature of 180-230 degrees). PRO TIP: for damaged, over processed and bleached hair, it’s important to reduce the hairs exposure to heat, we would recommend turning the flat iron temperature down to 180 degrees and reducing the number of passes to 3-5 with more focus on the roots and less from  the middle to the ends. For the most resistant hair types, for example afro we suggest a temperature of 230 degrees with a greater amount of slower passes to achieve an optimum result in terms of smoothness and straightness

  6. Do not rinse. Style and finish