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Easy Build [to] is Lisap’s absolute “must have” indispensable hair reconstruction system...the perfect way to reliably and easily rescue seriously out of condition and damaged hair.

There are 4 easy-to-use products which work in synergy to create the desired results.
Easy Build [1] Chelating Shampoo £6.99
Chelating means binding and in this case refers to the capture of mineral deposits, eliminating them from the hair, helping to close the gaps between the cuticle scales. Easy Build [1] operates by means of the synergy of its active ingredients (amino acids, keratin and vitamins), treating the most deteriorated parts of the hair, leaving it soft, full, glossy and manageable.
Easy Build [2] Polymeric Reconstructor £8.29
A deep reconstruction treatment that redevelops the keratin structure of the hair shaft from the core. Its content of creatine, wheat amino acids and soya proteins leaves the hair healthier, glossier and stronger, right from the first application, improving the quality and resilience of the hair structure.
Easy Build [3] Moisturising Micro-Emulsion £7.39
A liquid cream that, when in contact with hair, becomes a light emulsion to ensure the active ingredients immediately penetrate into the hair structure. It restores vitality and elasticity, giving extra body without adding weight. It guarantees remarkable softness from roots to tips. Red and black marine algae and creatine extract reinforce and reconstruct hair fibre.
Easy Build [4] Revitalising Spray £7.79
To complete the treatment, Easy Build [4] has an efficient moisturising and conditioning effect. It reconstructs the external layers of the hair, preventing split ends, leaving hair glossy and smooth as silk. Hydrolised proteins and creatine moisturise the hair and protect it from heat, making styling easy.

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions

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Easy Build [to] is the outstanding salon service that treats, maintains and is ideal for clients to use at home, with your advice!
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