LK Creamcolor is the choice of professionals more than 20 million times every year...

Excellent Grey Coverage Generally 100% - Red/Copper 80%

Choice of 105 Shades + Mixtones

Superb Shine & Condition LK is kind to hair

Unique Conditioning Base of Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Karite Butter

More Comfortable for Clients Low ammonia content of approx. 1.5%

Hi-Lifts 5 Levels Clean, bright, fresh blondes

Free Helpline

0208 838 2263

48-Hour Delivery

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions

• Ash base of /2 means no khaki blondes - never any green

• Convenient /003 shades for intense coverage and warmth

• Gently neutralises flat looking ash tones

• So easy to choose - uses regular ICC shade numbering

• Long lasting and exceptionally easy to use

• Reliable, friendly and FREE advice line 7 days a week

100ml Tube - The Biggest Value


All shades except Natural Claire/Extra Claire:

Mix 1:1 with 20/30 vol. Process 30 mins

Natural Claire shades:

Mix 1:2 with 20/30 vol. Process 30 mins

Extra Claire Hi-Lift shades:

Mix 1:2 with 40 vol. Process 45-60 mins




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LK Permanent Colour Range.

LK Flash Contrast.

Lisap Cream Developer.